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ContiTech Belt Drive System

ContiTech Power Transmission Group develops and manufactures drive belts, additional components and complete belt drive systems for vehicles, machines and systems.

Its products are typically used in automotive applications although over 40% of its belts are now supplied to other industries making these superb quality belts more widely accessible.

It’s range of rubber products incorporates Wrapped-V, Raw Edge Belts, Banded V-Belts, Variable Speed Belts, Timing Belts and Open Ended Belting which is perfect for all heavy and rigorous industries.

ContiTech polyurethane (PU) range is widely recognised as the world’s leader throughout the mechanical, automotive, woodworking, glass and conveying industries. Offering many different styles and materials, these belts are hard to be beaten regarding quality and continuity.

ContiTech is part of the global Continental AG brand, one of the world’s leading rubber and plastics industry manufacturers. It has manufacturing plants across the globe.

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