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Hatfield Colliery commends Howcroft Industrial Supplies branded Shaft Mounted Gear Units

The HIS SMGU is used around the world in various different industries and by our various different customers, one of our more local customers - Hatfield Colliery which is based in South Yorkshire and works in the coal industry have hailed our box to be the best on the market! The conditions of the colliery are harsh and demanding making the HIS SMGU the perfect candidate for the job.

Our sturdy box is made of cast iron and is known for its reliability, durability and uncompromising performance in the toughest environment.

One of the staff members at Hatfield Colliery praised the HIS box saying that our SMGU has out lasted other manufactures they used, and ours still remains in service to this day!

You can click the link below and watch the video of Hatfield Colliery recognising that the HIS SMGU is the superior choice of Shaft Mounted Gear Units -

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